A Gift of Handwriting

handwriting gift
handwriting gift

A Gift of Handwriting

It’s coming up to that time of year when the word gift goes to the top rank in google search engines around the world.

What’s the process?  I saw a Christmas tree outside Marks & Spencer in August.  Prompting me to start thinking about when would be the best time to start buying gifts for my family.  The issue is that my two children are very young and what is flavour of the day today probably won’t be in November let alone December.


It got me thinking about their personalities and the kind of thing they are attracted to.  My daughter will be 4 in December so I have both birthday and Christmas to think about.  She seems to be developing an interest in photography and cameras.  Something I am very keen to support.  I studied the theory of photography and love the art and science behind it.  So that’s birthday sorted, tick! Christmas, she would like a “puter” one pink and one blue.  I’m presuming she means an ipad that she can play the educational games on.  This I’m less keen on.  I don’t want to stand in the way of progress but at such a young age she has so many other abilities to refine first.  Reading, phonics, numeracy.  I’m a little old school in that sometimes daylight, a table and a pencil seem like the most cathartic ways to spend an afternoon.  What I will be doing though is getting her working through her new personalised handwriting gift box that I’ve had made for her.

The first version was a soft cover but the new version is a high quality hard cover and the gift box now comes with a high quality pen and reusable stickers, not to mention the certificate that she’ll get to write her name on and keep.


We’ve just been looking at schools and I was delighted to hear they were doing specific exercises with pencil control.  She’s nearly perfected the pencil grip so she’ll be well within range when she begins.  She’s very much into H’s and Z’s at the moment so all her artwork from pre-school features these characters.  I’m very much taking her lead on how she wants to learn, she loves her workbook but can only manage short periods of time with it, which is suitable at her age.

A Different Personality?

Then there is my son, he’s just getting into writing but he’s into big circles and drawing lines.  I’ve got a gift box coming for him too so that he can get started on the lines practice and work on his fine motor skills.  He’s not ready for letters by a long shot but he’ll get a lot of mileage out of the workbook.  Another benefit of a hardcover.

In addition I think his Christmas gift is likely to involve something musical, something mechanical and possibly something to build.  I’ve also decided that it’s nearly time to introduce a chess set into the house, for everyone.  I’ll think on though because I can still see Zach running around with a knight in his mouth.

Whatever and however you decide your Christmas gifts for your children it’s always nice to get them something made just for them.  If you have a child aged 2 to 7 years old then you can choose one of the two types of workbook, manuscript for the younger and cursive for the old age bracket.

I personally can’t wait to get our tree up and start doing all the festive activities!

Coming Soon – My favourite Christmas ideas!

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