Inspirational feedback from Dragons Den Winners!

kids handwriting worksheets

I’ve had some superb feedback from some super inspirational parents which I am excited to share with you.

First though, this whole workbook was entirely created for and inspired by my daughter Zariah, she has been practising her handwriting very regularly.  She loves tracing around the dots and practising her shape formations.

My daughter started her workbook at only 3 years old and is nearly 3.5 years old now.  This proves that there is a lot of use to be had from the workbook.



Effie Moss, owner of Just For Tiny People Ltd and mum says “This is an amazing concept!”, did I mention that Effie secured investment on Dragon’s Den for her incredible business?!

Asi Sharabi, co-founder of Lost My Name says “My daughter is really enjoying it”, did I mention that Asi and his partners also secured investment on Dragon’s Den for their business?!

Kate Probert, teacher and mum, “Huge congrats on coming up with a fab idea. I love the personalised touch of the photo, especially for the target age.  I really like how it then takes you through writing each letter of their own…As a teacher, the biggest challenge is meeting all the different needs and this booklet is great for children who are happy to sit and write”

Mother and Teacher, Loretta Clarke “Wow! This looks like an amazing tool to use and being a teacher I only know too well how important it is for children to be able to write their name confidently when they start school x”

With all the amazing feedback coming in from those who have ordered it, it’s time to get yours before the Pay What You Want option expires.

I’ve been investigating a new method of delivery which I am planning to announce in the summer holidays ready for the school starters but in the meantime I’ve attached a little video of Zariah having a go with her workbook which I had printed into a book.


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