Children beginning to write

kids handwriting worksheets

There have been lots of studies into how children learn etc and sitting in front of a black and white sheet of paper is not one.

Interaction and engagement have been very key features of a modern age of learning.

Lots of tips of how to help your child learn to write have bounded around for decades.

The general consensus is that the first word they should master is their name. Not the alphabet, numbers or any other grouping of letters, just their name as it should be spelt with a capital first letter and lower case for the remainder.

Engagement is key with any activity, leaving a young child with a workbook to learn is an abhorrent idea, it flies in the face of the intention to assist your child. You usually find those who have gone to the trouble of getting a decent workbook are those people who are helping and encouraging and setting milestones to help manage. In short, the parent is entirely involved.

With a young child at that stage myself I know that she takes total pride and ownership in her personalised workbook with her photograph featured throughout. Like any child she doesn’t want to do it every day but in all things we are child led so if she wants to learn to write her name we are there for her with the tools she needs to achieve her goal. has 27 personalised and reprintable pages made for your child.



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