How to improve your handwriting skills

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I really enjoy all things handwriting.  My favourite memory is receiving a book or a card from my maternal grandparents and inside would be the most beautiful script.  My grandfather’s writing was just stunning.  I’ll find an example one day, I’m pretty sure I have some things tucked in a box away from the children.

It seems like such a beautiful thing to be able to do, that elegant handwriting is such a honed skill I would love to aspire to.  It always seems so personal.  The fact that there are experts in the world who spend time analysing handwriting and reading into people’s behaviour based on the way they write their f’s fascinates me.

What is your handwriting like?

Is it hurried, uneven?  Or is it round and controlled?  Do you have the sweeping f’s and y’s of a style long past?  I wonder what it says about you or me?

Would you change your handwriting?

If you were heading into a clerical position would you spend any time practising your handwriting so that peers and colleagues could read your notes?  I have fairly neat writing but I must confess I spend more time on a computer than I do writing.  At point I struggled to remember how to write as life was quite crazy, thankfully it was easily remembered as I needed it for my accountancy exams.  I think as I get older I’ll probably spend a little more time practising the art of handwriting, it’ll help with things like stiff joints and my fine motor skills.  I might even need to practice with an adult version of my workbook!

In the spirit of bringing people back to their roots and helping stave off the onset of stiff fingers I’ve found a great video here that takes you through ways to practice different styles and working on a style that suits you.

Video credit: Jordan Clark


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