Personalised Handwriting Practice

Getting ready for school!

Write My Name Workbook

Your child’s name in their very own personalised workbook.

Featuring your child’s photograph throughout.

18 different exercises, supporting each stage of their development.

Perfect from age 2 – as soon as they can hold a pen!

Available in cursive or manuscript.

Even choose the colour of your front cover. 

What Your Child Will Learn From Their Workbook

  • How many letters make up their name and in which order
  • How to make their writing more legible
  • How to form letters correctly
  • How to maintain consistent letter height and spacing


  • Gives your child a sense of ownership.
  • Boosts your child’s confidence.
  • Improves their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • The perfect preparation for starting school.
  • Easy and fast to create.
  • You can keep their practice as a memory of their first academic milestone.
handwriting practice

The Download

You can also order the workbook in a downloadable form instantly to your email.  Choose your cover colour, the writing style, upload your photo and input your child’s exact spelling of their name.

  • Instant, reprintable, 18 exercise, personalised workbook.
  • Available in cursive or manuscript.

RRP £5.99

GET YOURS - £5.99
name stickers

Dotted Name Stickers For Cards

Involve your little one when you’re writing Christmas or birthday cards.
Pre-printed stickers designed to encourage practice.

  • Save time drawing out dots in Christmas, birthday and other seasonal cards
  • Easy to apply
  • Available in cursive or manuscript.
  • Their name exactly as it is spelt
  • 16 or 21 stickers to a sheet depending on name length (21 for names up to and including 6 letters)
  • Free Postage

ONLY £5-£9.

ORDER NOW - From £5

If your pre-schooler needs a little assistance and some personalised practice with writing their name, we can highly recommend the Write My Name workbook.

Emma Shilton / West Midlands

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for Amber and Grace’s workbooks-they absolutely LOVE them, and have been writing all weekend.

Jo Mullan / Hampshire